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5 Things Magnetic Leaders Do Better Than Other People

5 Things Magnetic Leaders Do Better Than Other People

I have been fortunate to meet many magnetic leaders throughout the years. These are the people whose presence fills a place when they walk into a room. They are noticeable, powerful and highly influential. They inspire people to do better and be better.  Here are five things that I've observed that magnetic leaders do better than other people:

1. They make good impressions. They understand that first impressions are lasting ones. They take care in “showing up” well. When they walk in the room, they have good posture. They stand tall regardless of their height. They are warm and welcoming and, most people feel better and more inspired after meeting them.

2. They back up the impressions they make with their actions and their work. Though impressions are lasting, they can only last so long if performance and other information contradict that impression. Magnetic leaders don't only make good impressions, but their actions also support that impression. They are kings and queens of follow-through and, as Don Miguel Ruiz says in The Four Agreements, they are “impeccable with their word.”

3. They don't often get caught on a “bad hair day” (both literally and figuratively).   Granted, they're human and that is a part of their appeal. However, you won't find them looking like they didn't brush their hair or look in the mirror before leaving the house. You also won't catch them slipping up or getting caught up in a social media gaffe. Their appearance and reputation are important to them and their image is well crafted from the clothes they wear to their social profile photos they select to the posts they share. But they aren't so well-crafted that they are inauthentic.

4. They know who they are and they communicated that consistently. Authenticity is an integral part of their personal brand. And, because of that, people around them feel like they know them well, even from afar.  They take time to understand not only their own strengths, but also their weaknesses. But especially excel in amplifying their strengths.

5. They give before, and more than, they take. They understand the law of reciprocity. They know that when they give, they will receive, though they don't give just to receive. They give of themselves through their time, their wisdom, their money and their gifts. They act from a place of abundance and understand that there is enough abundance to go around.


Who are some magnetic leaders you know? What do they do better than anyone else?


  • John / 5 June 2015 10:25

    Point 5 is powerful…”they act from a place of abundance.” Great post.