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Beyond the Business Suit Podcast Now Live On iTunes

Beyond the Business Suit Podcast Now Live On iTunes

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 22, 2014/Today Kailei Carr announces that the Beyond the Business Suit podcast is now available for download on iTunes. Beyond the Business Suit is a podcast focused on personal branding, professional development and leadership and hosted by personal branding consultant and digital media veteran, Kailei Carr. The podcast targets career-driven women figuring out how to navigate the complex path to a successful career.

Each episode of the podcast will feature either advice and tips from Kailei Carr or an interview with an industry expert, author, entrepreneur or successful woman in business. Podcast topics include image, relationship building, business etiquette and productivity tactics.

“In the decade and a half I have spent in corporate America, I realized there are many things that can help or hinder women during their career journey that are never discussed in the classroom or office” says Carr. “Beyond the Business Suit will reveal these ‘secret weapons’ to help career-driven women reach their highest potential.”

The first three episodes of the podcast are now available in iTunes, SoundCloud and at BeyondTheBusinessSuit.com.

Update: Beyond the Business Suit is also available on Stitcher.

About Kailei Carr

Kailei Carr (www.kaileicarr.com) is a personal branding consultant and podcast host known for her marketing prowess, digital media chops and style expertise. Since 2005, Kailei has been blogging about style, digital marketing and professional development topics for publications including The Dallas Morning NewsMediaPost and VyneWorld.com, which she co-founded. During her extensive corporate career, Kailei advised some of the largest brands on their marketing, digital and business strategies. She is now using that expertise to help professional women develop their personal brands to make an excellent impression, both online and in person.

Kailei has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University where she was a McCormick Tribune Foundation media scholar. She was also named one of America’s Smartest Shoppers from Suave and the Style Network.


  • Connie Murray / 11 November 2014 5:24

    Congratulations! I look forward to learning from you.