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Who’s Telling You What to Wear to Work?

Who’s Telling You What to Wear to Work?

If you're looking for inspiration for what you should buy to make a (good) impression in the office, be careful whose advice you take. I often see articles from celebrity stylists, magazine editors or “fashion experts” talking about what someone should wear to work. I don't know what offices they've been to, but if I took some of their advice, people would be looking at me like I am really crazy in the office.

Let's face it, a fashion magazine office isn't the mecca for professional attire nor does a celebrity stylist know how to dress someone trying to be CEO one day. So ladies, if you work in an office that is not your home office, PLEASE think about the source before wearing something you see in a fashion magazine.

So here are three things you should never wear regardless of who tells you otherwise:

1) Don't ever wear anything that shows ample cleavage.

2) Don't ever wear a miniskirt unless you're wearing them with tights.

3) Don't wear a midriff. EVER. 

What else do you think women should avoid in the office?


Photo credit: Style by Deni

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