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Episode 120: 5 Reasons Why Smart Women Don’t Get Promoted

Episode 120: 5 Reasons Why Smart Women Don’t Get Promoted

This past Wednesday I led a webinar called “Reasons Why Smart Women Don't Get Promoted.” Over the years I've seen so many highly educated, competent, capable and brilliant women suffer from having their careers stall for some surprising reasons. In the webinar I discussed some of those reasons. Since it went over so well, I wanted to share the recording of the webinar in this episode of Beyond the Business Suit.

Since this was a webinar with visuals, you will miss out on some of it in the podcast, but I have also posted the video here (content starts at about 02:20):

In the webinar I also made an exciting announcement: for the first time in two years I'm offering my Power Presence Transformation Program. This is a group coaching program for high-potential women who want to elevate their image, presence and personal brands to get the lives and careers they deserve. This three month program will take place from January – March 2018 and consists of six virtual bi-weekly group coaching sessions and executive branding intensive session taking place in Atlanta, GA on March 31, 2018 (tentative). Enrollment ends Saturday, December 16th or when we reach capacity. Learn more and enroll in Power Presence here.

Power Presence Program Overview

Session 1: Foundation: Habits, Vision, Intention

Session 2: Personal Power & Your Personal Brand

Session 3: Confidence

Session 4: Communication

Session 5: Power Dressing

Session 6: Digital Presence

Session 7: In Person Session and Photoshoot in Atlanta, GA* (*tentative date: March 31, 2018)

You also get:

  • Access to a private Facebook group where you have direct access to Kailei throughout the program AND the chance to collaborate with other women leaders.
  • A 15 minute kick-off call with Kailei
  • A personal brand assessment to gauge where you are at the beginning of the program
  • In person executive branding intensive session in Atlanta, GA
  • Headshot photoshoot with professional makeup artist and photographer

Are you ready to make a transformation in your life and your career? Join us!

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to Kailei at kailei@kaileicarr.com


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