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Episode 14: Joseph Richardson Helps Us Negotiate Our Next Job Offer or Car Deal

Episode 14: Joseph Richardson Helps Us Negotiate Our Next Job Offer or Car Deal

In this episode I have the honor of interviewing my dad, Dr. Joseph Richardson. Now, you may be wondering what my father has to do with the “secret weapons of successful women” and I agree that it would be a valid question. But my dad, though not a successful woman, is a master when it comes to negotiating strategies. As you may know, women are less likely to negotiate than men (in fact, this HBR article cited a study that said that 1/8 of new female MBA graduates negotiated their job offers compared to 1/2 of male MBA grads). Since my dad helped me negotiate my job offer after business school resulting in me getting everything I asked for, I knew he could help the Beyond the Business Suit listeners too. Not to mention, he's negotiated over $2 billion in deals in his career, so he certainly knows what he's talking about!

In this episode, Joseph will tell us:

– How to evaluate your position in a negotiation

– What you can negotiate with a job offer that you may not have thought about before

– What approach you can use when a company doesn't give you the bonus you want

– What qualities negotiating will show your potential employer

– How a cross-culture negotiation caused him to have to go back to the negotiating table

– When you should buy a car to make you in the best negotiating position

and more!

Some Background on Joseph:

Joseph Richardson, president and CEO of Professional Purchasing Partners, is an international Supply Chain Management executive with demonstrated leadership in designing, developing and implementing effective sourcing, supply chain and procurement strategies (direct and indirect) that address global business issues. His international experience, with a variety of companies, helped him to recognize the political, cultural and technical challenges that affect relationships, internally, externally and internationally. He is a visionary who integrates theory and practice in creating and executing innovative approaches and methods to accomplish complex business objectives.   He is considered an International Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Supply Chain.

The Final 10:

1. Joseph's first jobs were: shining shoes and delivering groceries

2. His secret weapons of success: preparation and image

3. How Joseph describes his personal brand as prepared, professional and compassionate.

4. The best advice he's ever received: his grandmother used to tell him: “Study hard in school, son, and make something of yourself.  Don’t be like these bums around here; do something special and make folks proud to know you. But most of all be proud of yourself.”

5. What Joseph thinks makes a good leader: Knowing when to lead and when to follow.  How to abdicate (handover) to another SME, without relinquishing your responsibility and accountability for the overall mission.  You must know when to effectively use your resources, without compromising your responsibility.

6. His morning routine: His main objective is to get up every morning, breathing and alive.  As long as he has my faculties, he's confident that he will be able to handle what life sends his way.  He also tries to reflect on yesterday’s mistakes so that he doesn't make the same mistakes over again.

7. How he manages his life, career and family: “You must have people in your life on the same page as you.  They must be people of commitment and folks who understand the overall mission.  I travel, quite a bit, internationally.  Therefore, I must have confidence that my home life is supportive of my professional life.  I trust my wife and she trusts me.  We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to accomplish our goals.  After 31 years and counting, this has been a very successful recipe’ for us. I have a very strong work ethic, but I try not to compromise my obligations at home.”

8. What he does to stay “sharp”: “I try to work-out as often as possible.  I listen to people who I value.  I also try to surround myself with people of substance, purpose and professionalism.  I don’t have all of the answers, but I need to know where to get the information that I need;regardless of reading, research or conversation.  Having resources who are considered SME’s in several fields of business, science and sociology are of interest to me.”

9. Some of his favorite things: his family, religion and personal enrichment.

10. How you can connect with Joseph: via email at richjos9[at]aol.com or by reaching out to me!