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In this episode I interviewed Laura Bronner, Co-Founder of Gloss48. Laura describes the company as “a daily dose of awesome indie beauty brands for women who are excited to discover and shop products that they’ve probably never heard of before.” Ladies, if you love cosmetics and are not familiar with Gloss48.com, check it out now! Laura tells us about her journey to entrepreneurship, what she’s learned along the way, Gloss48’s approach to marketing to women and more. As a bonus, she even tells us some of the beauty products she is loving right now!

One thing that I love about Laura’s approach to career is helping people. I have learned that when you give, you get – and that doesn’t mean that you give to get, but giving puts good karma in motion that can benefit all.

About Laura:

Laura Bronner , Co-Founder / CMO / COO

Prior to revolutionizing online beauty discovery and shopping, Laura developed upscale nail and waxing concepts at MiniLuxe (Boston), Nail Bar (Chicago), and Trim (Chicago). Back in the day, she also worked for Gap Inc. and Ernst & Young. A big fan of women entrepreneurs, Laura holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Duke University. She is an avid Duke Basketball fan and a new mom to a ruggedly-handsome, loud-mouthed baby boy named Owen. She loves dogs (hotdogs included), chocolate peanut butter cake, and cheddar fries. She also loves running, so she can eat hotdogs, chocolate peanut butter cake, and cheddar fries.

Current obsession: Cult Nails, Mayhem nail lacquer (reminds me of the rainbow oil stickers I had as a child)

Can’t live without: Skin, An Apothecary Soy Body Whip in Aspen

Looking for a miracle solution to: “canyon-sized pores” (yeah right, Laura!)

In each interview we ask everyone 10 questions at the end that give us fun insight to them. Here are Laura’s Final 10:

1. Laura’s first job: lifeguard

2. 3 words to describe Laura’s personal brand: driven, funny and intelligent. Tired, a hot mess and trying to make the best of it :).

3. The best advice she’s ever received: One thing that drove her to entrepreneurship was something she learned at a panel discussion which was that you have to “jump the track.”

4. What Laura believes makes a good leader: Finding a good balance of making sure things get done and providing the right level of management, making sure people are inspired and letting people do their own thing and make their own way.

5. Laura’s morning routine: Many, many products! She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but there are a lot of skin care and body care products. We didn’t have enough time for her to go through her entire routine, but she did mention that it doesn’t include smoky eyes after a makeup artist pointed out that she already had deep set eyes.

6. How Laura manages her life, family and career: Controlled chaos. She has a very supportive husband. When she had her son, she had a husband and business partner who were both supportive. She usually has a schedule from 7:30/8am – 4:30pm, then jumps back on the computer after her son goes to bed.

7. What Laura does to keep sharp: Though she feels like she struggles for time for that, she feels like there are great news digests that are relevant to what she works on – both beauty and digital marketing. She also talks things through with some people in her network – whether a subject matter expert or friend to help her “get out of her hole.” They are also in a start tank through PayPal which has given her a lot of great resources.

8. Some of Laura’s favorite things: Face cream – Her “cutest thing ever” son, Owen, chocolate cake from The Palm, and Vertere is her favorite beauty product right now (apparently it delivers on battling wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and acne – sign me up!).

9. The words Laura lives by: “how can I help you” is her attitude to approach life and people. And, “there’s nothing a little concealer can’t fix.”

10. How you can connect with Laura online or on social media:

Laura loves to connect about entrepreneurship and start-ups, so feel free to connect with her!

Other things we talked about:

–       Don’t think Pink book

–       Membership to Gloss48.com is free and they’re currently doing an offer of $10 off any order over $30!

–       Check out their tutorial on How to Apply Falsies Like a Boss:

Listen to the full podcast interview:

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