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Episode 20: The 10 Minutes You Can Spend at Night To Make You Happier in the Morning

Let's face it, mornings can be rough! We're groggy, sometimes grumpy, frustrated and more. Studies have shown that we have a finite amount of decision making power each day, so conserving our decision making power and using it wisely is incredibly important to our productivity and happiness (people like James Clear have written about this in detail).

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit, I give you three things you can do each night that should only take 10 minutes that will help you conserve your decision-making power and ultimately make you happier. Do you have any rituals you do at night that help make you happier? Leave a comment!

Listen to the episode below:



  • Pam / 22 January 2016 4:50

    Hi, great ideas, I also have everything I need to take to work with me near the back door, and my lunch prepared in the fridge. Thank you for the podcast.