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Episode 25: How to Dress for Speaking on Stage

Episode 25: How to Dress for Speaking on Stage

In today's episode, I want to cover how to select the best attire for when you' re speaking on stage. This is relevant whether you're speaking on a panel, presenting a keynote speech or even giving a big presentation.

Just this week I was working with one of my C-level clients to style her for a conference speaking engagement she has later this week. And in doing so, I realized there are many considerations that we should keep in mind when we're dressing for a speaking engagement that I thought I'd share. Listen to this episode to get the full details behind the tips.
The 5 Tips:
1) Dress according to what impression you want to make
2) Dress appropriately for your audience
3) Wear a vibrant color
4) Be comfortable, yet confident
5) Keep in mind microphone placement
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Here are some pictures of my favorite outfits I've worn on stage:
Blogalicious 2014:
A favorite that I've worn on stage from Ann Taylor:
This photo is obviously not of me, but here's a Carmen Marc Valvo Teal Envelope dress that I've also rented from Rent the Runway that I've worn on stage:
Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.03.39 PM


  • val / 15 May 2015 11:03

    great message Kalei! it’s amazing how we can forget how much of an impact our image has on our success.

  • Krystal Grant / 8 September 2015 12:29

    Wonderful podcast. Very useful information.