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Episode 34: 5 Things You Should Never Wear to Work (Regardless of Your Dress Code)

Episode 34: 5 Things You Should Never Wear to Work (Regardless of Your Dress Code)

This episode was inspired by what I like to call the “casualization” of office dress codes in recent years. I have worked in just about every dress code environment from business formal (where I had to wear suits or at least a blazer every day) to super casual at a tech startup (where I could wear whatever I wanted). Though I loved the casual environment because it gave me complete flexibility to express my personal style, the risk is that some people end up coming to work looking too casual or inappropriate. We've already talked about the impact of what you wear on performance (see episode 3: How Your Dress Can Help You Perform Your Best). And, there was also episode 26 where I answered the question of,  “How Do I Dress in a Casual Work Environment?”

Listent to this episode to learn the 5 things you should absolutely never wear to work regardless of your work environment. Leave a comment below and let me know if you have any others to add!

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  • Ace Spr. '96 / 29 June 2016 11:02

    Don’t forget to alleviate crusty heals if you decide to wear sandals! 🙂