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Episode 56: Dolores DeGiacomo Talks About What Holds Us Back from Success

Episode 56: Dolores DeGiacomo Talks About What Holds Us Back from Success

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit I interview Dolores DeGiacomo. Dolores is a coach and college professor. During the interview we talk about many topics from working in male dominated environments, to transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship to the things that hold people back in their careers and even shoes! Make sure to listen to the episode for more details from the episode.

In this episode Dolores will share:

  • Her advice for women working in male-dominated environments or with someone who does not have any awareness.
  • Her advice on transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship.
  • How her background in psychology and social work influences the work that she does.
  • Her perspective on “un-coachable” people and what un-coachable really means.
  • What holds leaders and emerging leaders back from success.


Quotable moments:

“Know your strengths. If you're bad in marketing, take some of your investment and invest in that.”

“Getting crystal clear on what is the goal and what is the outcome is always the first step. You can't get anywhere without being very clear on what that is.”

“If you can't laugh, you're going to cry. And if you're going to try you're not going to get much done!”


About Dolores

Dolores DeGiacomo is leadership and professional development consultant.
Dolores is the founder and president of Power Up! Consulting and the developer of the Power Up! Coaching model. She partners with her clients to clarify their professional goals and identify the daily thinking and behavior practices needed to achieve them; to Power Up! and accelerate success.
Dolores works with entrepreneurs, career professionals and emerging leaders to Power Up! their success.
Dolores can be found speaking and writing on topics related to career and entrepreneurial success. You can find some of Dolores’ articles on forbes.com and HuffingtonPost.comDolores is also the co-author of the upcoming book series “The Ultimate Career Pocket Guide” available on Amazon February 2016, offering simple executable actions to advance your career or business and the Power Up! daily planner coming this spring.

The Final 5

  1. Some of Dolores's “secret weapons of success”: humor and compassion, including compassion for herself.
  2. If I asked 10 people who know Dolores to describe her in 3-5 words, they would say: smart, funny and a big nerd :). She loves Star Wars, Dr. Who and Star Trek. She's one of the few people who can like Star Wars and Star Trek at the same time.
  3. Dolores’s morning routine: her cat waking her up to rub her belly.
  4. How Dolores manages her life, family and career: she makes time to see her family. Generally speaking, because she works from home a lot, she makes it a point to take one day out of the week when she does not do work.
  5. Dolores’s “power outfit”: a nice pair of black pants and a white shirt with some great shoes. But what really makes her power outfits are her shoes. Her favorite shoes are candy apple red Anne Klein ankle booties.

How you can connect with Dolores:

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