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Episode 7: ‘CEO Whisperer’ Tish Squillaro Helps Us Get Rid of Our ‘Head Trash’ (Part 1)

Episode 7: ‘CEO Whisperer’ Tish Squillaro Helps Us Get Rid of Our ‘Head Trash’ (Part 1)

I had a great conversation with Tish Squillaro, founder of CANDOR Consulting and co-author of HeadTrash: Clearing Out the Junk that Stands Between You and Success. Tish is not only full of passion and energy, but is also grounded, driven and has an inspirational philosophy on how she makes decisions and takes risks. We talked about so many great things that I broke our conversation up into two episodes. Part 1 will cover Tish's back story: her background, upbringing and career trajectory. We start getting into the nooks and crannies of her book HeadTrash and discuss her upcoming book before wrapping up part 1.

Tish's Bio:

“I can’t imagine there isn’t a way. Everything is achievable.” – Tish Squillaro

With a goal-oriented and self-confident mindset following her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996, Tish satisfied her entrepreneurial bug by creating the lifestyle business, Doggie Walk Daycare. Early on, she developed a great feeling for niche markets and realized her talent in personal decision-making, which proved to be a valuable asset for her future businesses which help individuals succeed.

Tish continued driving success by focusing her time and commitment to CANDOR Consulting, her management consulting firm she founded in 2000. Within the last 12 years, Tish quickly rose to the top of her profession advising business leaders around the world with her bold style that is punctuated by her early warning to new clients; “If you don’t feel differently on how you are making decisions after 30 days, I’m doing something wrong.” However, this pressure and fear of failure in the eyes of her clients was Tish’s first personal “head trash” experience. There were times when Tish needed other people’s credibility in order to be aware of her own independence and self-confidence. Overcoming this type of “head trash” improved her optimistic attitude and made her a sought after advisor to executives and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies including GSI Commerce, Ebay and USA Today. Recently, she has been fondly referred to as “CEO Whisper” counseling CEOs in strategic planning, resource and project management.

In 2005, the creation of Head Trash was finally incepted when Tish met Timothy Thomas while advising a client undergoing an organizational transformation. After discussing everyone’s trivial workday experiences, Tish realized that this scene could be summed up in a book about “the junk in your head that prevents you from being even more successful.” Tish and Tim have since been building programs and services that both effectively change the way leaders create strategies for their challenges or solutions for their problems and eliminate bad behaviors to become effective leaders.

Head Trash is their current vehicle for helping to transform the lives of business leaders.

What you'll learn in the show:

– Tish's career trajectory and what gave her the confidence to start her own consulting business

– How not having a plan helped her in starting her consulting business

– Tish's refreshing approach to taking risks and making decisions and how she implements the same approach in her parenting

– How her company has evolved over the past 14 years

– Where the idea for HeadTrash  came from and what “head trash” means

– What you can expect from reading the book: both in content and format

– How you can manage your own head trash

– The #1 head trash many people suffer from

– What to replace fear with to move ahead

– Get a preview of Tish's second book

I love these quotes from the show:

“If I'm not in it, how can I ever win it?”

“You can always factor in risk and fear and justify why you shouldn't do something. If you over think things, you'll talk yourself out of it.”

“If I fail, it's okay, I'll pick myself back up again.”

“I don't judge myself very hard, which is why I take risks, because I'm at least proud that I am trying something. And if I get it wrong, so I'll fix it or I'll do it over. I would probably be more disappointed in myself if I didn't try.”

“I don't let myself talk myself out of stuff…EVER.”

Check out the site for HeadTrash.

Here's how you can get your copy of HeadTrash.

Listen to part 1 of my interview with Tish here: