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Episode 82: Ty Alexander | Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died

Episode 82: Ty Alexander | Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died

This episode of Beyond the Business Suit is a little bit different from the rest. A couple of episodes ago I replayed my first episode of Beyond the Business Suit as we celebrated our 2 year anniversary of the podcast. In there, I candidly shared how much of an influence my mother's death had on my career journey over the past three years. In today's episode I'm interviewing someone whose mother's death has also made a significant impact on her life and that person is Ty Alexander. Ty is the mastermind behind the popular blog, GorgeousInGrey.com. During our conversation, Ty shared how she left her government job in Maryland to pursue her dream of becoming a writer in NYC, why she decided to write this book now, how affirmations have played a big part in her life and we both share how much blogger Karyn Washington's death impacted us. If you know anyone who has lost a parent, make sure you share this episode with them.


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Ty's Bio

After six years of building a personal connection with readers through her blog Gorgeous In Grey, Ty Alexander walks you through monumental life lessons in her highly anticipate first book, Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died. Alexander's ability to connect with her readers on a deeply emotional level will leave you both captivated, impacted and brought to tears. This book will take you on a new journey to love shamelessly beyond the guilt, the baggage and the insecurities that life plagues us with. Sparking a conversation centered on comfortable grieving and judge-free support, this book is must-read.





“I think that people aren't successful or won't go after their dreams because they don't believe the beginning part. And the beginning really is starting before you're ready and seeing what you think you can do. And if I think I can do anything, I can do anything.”

“Most people…talk themselves out of their goal from the beginning before the action is required. So self affirmation is important because it allows me to continually work on my confidence.”

“I never knew how purposeful it could be to garner different goals into action.”

“I didn't want to be affected by this topic and not have a say in the conversation.”

We are dying. We are dying by the thousands. We are suffering. We are in pain because we're not having these hard conversations. We're not looking our feelings in the eye and telling them, ‘you know what, I feel you, I know it's here.'”

The Final Five

  1. The biggest mistake Ty has made in her career: Not starting sooner. She's wondered what would have happened if she followed her dreams in her 20s.
  2. If I asked 10 people who know Ty to describe her using three words, they would say: real, mean and truthful.
  3. Three of Ty's favorite beauty products: foundation: NARS Sheer Glow, Cover FX concealer, Magnolia Makeup: Kitten (red), Eggplantish (purple) and Lip Bar's Man Eater (nude) and she's finally she loves nail polish.
  4. Two books that have made the biggest impact on her: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero and My So Called Freelance Life by Michelle Goodman.
  5. Ty's favorite “power outfit”: She feels most powerful when she is not conforming to what people say they she should look like. She is trying hard to make business people see that you can wear sneakers and a dress and still be cute :).

Bonus: How you can keep in touch with Ty on social in media: