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Episode 1: Welcome to the Beyond the Business Suit Podcast!

Episode 1: Welcome to the Beyond the Business Suit Podcast!

Welcome to the first episode of Beyond the Business Suit! I am beyond excited to launch this podcast. In this inaugural episode I will be sharing with you a little bit about myself, why I started this podcast in the first place and what you can look to expect in future episodes. In short, with this podcast my mission is to uncover some of the “secret weapons” of success in order to help you look, lead and live your best.

Upcoming episodes will have one of two types of formats:

– Interviews: In these episodes (usually 30-45 minutes) I will have candid conversations with authors, industry experts, successful women, and other fabulous people to give us “secret weapons” for our arsenal.

– Quick Tips: In these episodes I will share tips on everything from personal branding and image to productivity, juggling all the balls of life and more. These episodes will be typically under 10 minutes.

Some of the things I mentioned in this episode:

– My other website: VyneWorld.com

– A little more about my turning point in 2013.

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So tell me — what topics would you like for me to cover on Beyond the Business Suit? Who would you like for me to interview?





  • Alexis Griffith / 30 September 2014 5:08


    I think you can never get enough great tips on networking!!