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Episode 109: Personal Branding for Leaders | 6 Elements of a Strong Online Presence

Episode 109: Personal Branding for Leaders | 6 Elements of a Strong Online Presence

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit, we are talking about personal branding for leaders and, more specifically, 6 elements of a strong online presence.

Before we jump into today's topic, I wanted to share an announcement with you:
In our last episode I talked about what WE can do to manage our lives better. And, if you remember, I talked about how the first step is to prioritize your activities and identify what is most important that you spend your time on at any given time. Well, I've been doing just that and in my evaluation of my “must dos” and “must dos by me,” I realized that this could be a perfect time to move to a seasonal model of Beyond the Business Suit. Since 2014 and now almost 110 episodes in, I have been publishing Beyond the Business Suit almost completely by myself and on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. And as my business is picking up and demands on my schedule are growing, I want to make sure that I can produce a show that's quality and spend the time necessary to make sure our content and interview guests are at the level that you deserve.
So, Beyond the Business Suit is going on summer break!
We will be back in September with some amazing episodes.
How you can stay connected with me and Beyond the Business Suit this summer:
How you can find out what date we are coming back:
NOW let's jump into today's topic and that is, 6 Elements of a Strong Online Presence. Listen to the episode for the full details or read below about how to get my bonus cheat sheet!



6 Elements of a Strong Online Presence

1) An Intentionally Developed Personal Brand
2) Well-Done Professional Headshot
3) Well-Written Professional Bio
4) Solid LinkedIn Profile (summary section) >> Check out my episode on 5 Reasons Why You Should Care More about Your LinkedIn Profile with a free download of 5 critical elements every LinkedIn profile should have.
5) Strong Digital Footprint
6) Share Thought leadership/Point of View
I have a great bonus for today's episode. I have created an Executive Branding Cheat Sheet! (download below)

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