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Episode 19: How to Make Sure Your Hair Is Work Appropriate

Episode 19: How to Make Sure Your Hair Is Work Appropriate

Over the past week I've received a few questions about what types of hair styles are appropriate in corporate environments, so I figured it was time to address it on this episode of Beyond the Business Suit.

Tips on making sure your hair is work appropriate:

1) Align your hair with your personal brand.

2) Make sure it's appropriate for your particular workplace.  Err on the side of neat and polished.

3) Make sure it's balanced with your overall look.

4) Avoid playing with it.

Listen to the episode below for more details.

In this episode, I also cover my thoughts on these specific topics:

  • Hair color
  • Natural hair
  • Hair accessories (head bands, scarves, barrettes, bandanas, etc)

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Listen to the full episode:


  • Ty / 20 March 2015 5:40

    Love your podcast!