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Episode 21: Francine Parham Helps Us Maximize Our Networks

Episode 21: Francine Parham Helps Us Maximize Our Networks

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit I had the pleasure of interviewing Francine Parham, who gives us some great advice on how to maximize our networks. In this episode, Francine will share:

– The difference between the noun (“network”) and the verb (“networking”)

– How to be purposeful in your network through four key steps

– Why only working harder is for mediocre performers

– The questions you want to ask yourself before determining whether you should attend an event and how to work the room while there

– Why creating your signature introduction is important

– The fail-proof way to get a meeting with someone after meeting them in a networking environment

– The steps you can take in the next two weeks to maximize your network

Francine's Bio

Francine Parham is an accomplished business professional with an expertise in professional and leadership development. She focuses on helping individuals in the development of the critical skills they need in their careers to be successful in achieving their professional goals.

Francine speaks publically about the value of professional networks and networking as well as navigating through corporate cultures. She is also the creator of “Maximizing Your Network!”™, a professional development program focused on teaching individuals how to build, interact with as well as maintain their professional networks.

Francine writes and publishes in LinkedIn and has had her articles appear in other media outlets tailored to specific audiences. She writes about topics related to one’s network, leadership, professional development and career growth. Her thoughts on the power of networks was recently featured in The Risk Factor:  Why Every Organization Needs Big Bets, Bold Characters, and the Occasional Spectacular Failure, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) written by New York Times Best Selling author, Deborah Perry-Piscione.    

She consults with public and private sector businesses, organizations and individuals focusing on the science of social network systems, networking strategies, the effective utilization of networking processes and approaches to achieve desired outcomes. Her current area of work focuses specifically on the utilization of organizational and professional networks to accelerate, advance and provide access for women and multicultural individuals. She has founded as well as participated in several professional network groups further developing her knowledge base.

Francine has worked in multiple industries with her last assignment as Vice President, Human Resources for Johnson and Johnson. She worked for the General Electric Company in the capacity of a Vice President prior to Johnson and Johnson. Upon completing graduate school, she worked for General Mills in various roles.

Francine is a strong advocate and supporter of the power of networks, affiliate groups, sponsorship and development of strategic connections. She also mentors college women.

The Final 5

5 questions we asked Francine to get to know more about her:

1. Some of Francine' “secret weapons of success”: listening, following up on commitments and being truthful, yet tactful.

2. If we asked 10 people who know Francine to describe her, they would say that she is: loyal, fearless and passionate.

3. Francine's morning or night time routine: She wakes up between 3:30 and 4:00 am and she reads a devotion book called Hearing from God Each Morning: 365 Daily Devotions to start her day off right.

4. How Francine manages her life, family and career: she realized there's only one of her and she's not great at everything. When she is committed and focused on her son, she's present and laser focused on him. She had a leader who shared some great advice: “focus on the one or two things that you need to get done today and the rest will fix themselves.”

5. Three of Francine's favorite things: 1) her 72-year-young mother, 2) exploring and engaging with communities in different countries and 3) engaging in great conversations over a cafe mocha.

Bonus: you can connect with Francine through LinkedIn, her website, email@francineparham.com (mention that you heard Francine on Beyond the Business Suit when you reach out!) and on Twitter @francineparham.



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