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Episode 30: 6 Steps to Getting Your Goals Back On Track

Episode 30: 6 Steps to Getting Your Goals Back On Track

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit, I wanted to do a mid-year review. 2015 is almost over (I know, how did THAT happen???), and many of us are not quite half way through the goals we've set for the year. But not to fear, I wanted to share 6 things that we can do to get back on track with goal crushing for the year.

Here are the 6 steps to getting back on track with your goals (You can listen to the episode with details of these steps in the player above):

1. Review

2. Audit

3. Edit

4. Reset

5. Partner

6. Visualize

Article mentioned from Inc  by Jeff Haden. Here's the profound quote he mentions that I just loved:

“When you're working toward a goal, you're essentially saying, ‘I'm not good enough yet… but I will be when I reach my goal.'

The problem with this mindset is that you're teaching yourself to always put off happiness and success until the next milestone is achieved. ‘Once I reach my goal, I'll be happy. Once I achieve my goal, I'll be successful.'

Solution: Commit to a process, not a goal.”

So tell me: what are some of the tactics that have helped you achieve your goals?

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