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Episode 33: Carol Sankar Tells Us How to Improve Our ‘Confidence Factor’

Episode 33: Carol Sankar Tells Us How to Improve Our ‘Confidence Factor’

In the latest episode of Beyond the Business Suit, I had the pleasure of interviewing Carol Sankar. We chatted like old friends and had a great time! Carol is an international business consultant, real estate investor, author and soon to be real estate developer. In this interview, we learn about Carol's background as well as her upcoming book (coming out later this month – July 2015), The Confidence Factor. You may remember episode 31 when I gave you some quick tips for boosting your confidence. Well, consider this a more in-depth part 2 of that episode.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

    • Carol's career trajectory from law student to successful real estate investor and business coach.
    • How the men and women Carol coaches differ in their confidence levels.
    • How social media and reality TV are killing our confidence.
    • The impact negativity has on our confidence.
    • What women can do to be more confident.
    • Books mentioned by Carol: Gary Vaynerchuk's Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and The 10X Rule by Grant CardoneCarol also mentions a video featuring Grant Cardone which I included below. I also found this blog post about haters that's pretty good.

Carol's Bio:

Carol Sankar is an international business consultant & real estate investment expert who focuses on strategic implementation strategies to assist today's accelerated and high level business owners become successful. Mrs. Sankar's business and wealth tips have been featured in publications in Finland, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USVI. Her international client-base are established executives, high level entrepreneurs and business owners who are seeking new and innovative methods to up-level their businesses. Carol hosts a variety of training workshops, live and virtual events world-wide on a variety of topics relating to success, revenue and entrepreneurship. She has been featured in numerous magazines, radio shows, articles and conferences; including a recent features in Madame Noire, Entrepreneur.com, TEDx, The Steve Harvey Show, CNNMoney.com, Daily Worth and Essence Magazine. Carol holds a Degree in Political Science & International History from Hofstra University in New York. Following her studies, she served as a senior Paralegal and advisor for several leading general litigation firms and Fortune 100 corporations in New York City. She has earned numerous certifications, including NYS Notary Public, American Bar Association Intellectual Property Paralegal certification from Long Island University and American Political Science Fellow.


The Final 5:

1. Some of Carol's secret weapons of success: driving. Carol drives when she's stressed and needs to relax.

2. If we were to ask 10 people who know Carol to describe her, they would say that she's: driven, arrogant and loyal.

3. Carol's morning routine: meditation and coffee. Carol's night time routine: she writes down what she did great,  what she could have done better and what she needs to focus on for the next day.

4. What Carol does to manage her busy life: she sets expectations with her family and the people who matter most to her. She also completes her priority list first before anything else.

5. Carol's favorite “power outfit”: a black suit. She prefers pants. She also has a pair of gray BCBG shoes that get her in the mode!

How you can connect with Carol:

Instagram: @carolsankar

Twitter: @carolsankar, @csankarspeaks

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/carolsankar

Website: www.carolsankar.comwww.theconfidencefactorforwomen.com

Carol's TEDx Talk:


Carol has now released two books. You can find out more about them and purchase them on Amazon below:




  • Lachelle / 9 July 2015 2:16

    AWESOME advice and podcast! I was just having a conversation with my friends and accountability partners about this very topic. Definitely sharing.

  • Nathalie / 13 July 2015 3:02

    I enjoyed listening to the tips for successful women!
    Thanks for the powerful podcast with Carol Sankar.
    I discovered the link on her LinkedIn page.
    I was intrigued by her conversation about mentorship and how different demographics choose mentors and how it can shape our earning potential.
    This is my first visit but I will be back again soon!
    Awesome job!
    Nathalie Gregg

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