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Episode 38: Makeup Routine for Women Who Hate Wearing Makeup

Episode 38: Makeup Routine for Women Who Hate Wearing Makeup

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit I am tackling an issue that many women struggle with: wearing makeup. In my latest webinar called the Power Presence Masterclass, I cover how there have been studies that show that women who wear makeup make more money (I know, but I'm just the messenger). But wearing even a little makeup really does makes a big difference in looking more polished and put together. So today I want to tell you about 3 things you can include in your makeup routine even if you hate wearing makeup. I like to call it CLM: concealer, lips, mascara. Here is the short description, but listen to the episode for the details.

The “C” is for concealer. Concealer is a great alternative to foundation. Finding the right color is important, so I would recommend going to the MAC counter or to Sephora to get a tutorial. I use MAC's Pro Longwear concealer, though I'm sure there are some other great ones out there. An alternative to concealer would be a BB cream which was created to hydrate, correct and protect the skin. These often combine moisturizers, a light foundation, sunscreen and primer all in one product. Again, to find a BB cream that is the right color and works for your skin type, definitely go to a reputable beauty counter for some guidance.

The “L” is lips. And this can be lip color or lip gloss. If you're going for a lip gloss, I would get one with a tint. You could also go with a lip color that has a slight hue to it. Some of my lip gloss favorites are MAC, Bobbi Brown and Dior. For lipsticks, currently in my beauty bag are MAC, Tom Ford (who has some amazing reds) and on the low end Wet & Wild which is great in a pinch! If you hate wearing makeup, chances are having a bold lip may be outside of your comfort zone, so going with a tinted lip gloss would be a great bet for you.

The “M” is mascara. Wearing mascara really opens and brightens your eyes. Here are a few things I've learned from experience about mascara: 1) you have to give mascara some time to work, 2) not all mascaras are the same, and 3) you don't have to spend a fortune for a good mascara. I have used mascara from the high end brands to the low end brands and I still keep coming back to a lower end brand, Rimmel. I prefer their Scandaleyes, Glam'Eyes and Lash Accelerator products. If you would still like to go on the higher end, my favorite is Dior's Diorshow.

So again, if you're a woman who hates wearing makeup, I encourage you to give the CLM routine a try. And let me know how it works out!

And, if you are reading or listening to this on the morning that I published this, Wednesday, August 26th, then I'd love to see you on my Power Presence Masterclass at 1:00 pm Eastern time! You can register here.


  • Rosario / 12 February 2016 10:28

    You can use browns and beige on your eyes to define and add some drama to them yet still look very natural. The next step is to identify what kind of complexion you have. Pinch your cheeks and see what color they turn then find a blush in close to that color. As far as the lips are concerned, you can get a sheer colored lip gloss. Pinks look good on light complexions, mauves on medium ones, and plums and dark reds on darker complexions. But make sure it’s a sheer gloss that you’re using so it looks just like a moist wash of color on your lips. Great color effect to brighten up your face, but light enough to look unmade-up!