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Episode 52: Amber Wright ‘The Conversation Coach’ Teaches Us The Importance of Effective Communication

Episode 52: Amber Wright ‘The Conversation Coach’ Teaches Us The Importance of Effective Communication

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit I interviewed Amber Wright, known as “The Conversation Coach.” We had a great time chatting about her journey that led her to the work she does and how she helps people communicate effectively “from the boardroom to the bedroom.”

In this episode Amber tells us:

  • Fundamentals that lead to great communication
  • What role confidence plays in public speaking
  • How confidence comes into play with communication
  • Three things you can do to prepare for your next presentation
  • Tips for me on how I can even improve my speaking skills!

Mentioned in this episode:

About Amber:

Amber L. Wright is an award-winning educator in addition to being an accomplished speaker, dynamic writer, and the creator of Talk to AmberMedia—a communication and public speaking consultancy. As a seasoned collegiate professor, Amber has impacted countless students with her relatable approach to public speaking and interpersonal communication courses. Amber’s gift is in revealing to others how to get what they want—from the boardroom to the bedroom—by having the right conversations. Established as an authority with an intriguing voice, Amber’s work has been featured on BlogHer.com, BlackandMarriedWithKids.com, ForHarriet.com and many more. She has also been a special guest speaker for prominent events including: Blogalicious, At the Helm: Women in Biz, and the CSULA Women's Conference.

The Final Five:

One of Amber's “secret weapons of success”: Not being afraid to try

If I asked 10 people who know Amber to describe her, they would say: funny, encouraging and smart

Amber's morning or night time routine: with a 3 month old and a 5 year old, she's happy to brush her teeth :).

How Amber manages her life, family, relationships and career: Life management looks like priorities: who and what is the priority TODAY. Once we master understanding and aligning priorities properly, that's when we feel like we are in control of our lives.

Amber's Power Outfit: Though she hasn't worn a lot of “real clothes” in a while since she just had a baby, she has a royal blue peplum top with a pencil skirt and sling back heels that she feels great in.

How You Can Connect with Amber:

www.TalkToAmber.com (you can even get a free ebook when you go there!)

Instagram: @talktoamber

Periscope: @talktoamber

Twitter: @talktoamber

Facebook: Talk to Amber

YouTube: Talk to Amber TV (I'll even be on there soon!)


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