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Episode 72: Dr. Rochelle Parks-Yancy | Tools for Intentionally Managing Your Career

Episode 72: Dr. Rochelle Parks-Yancy | Tools for Intentionally Managing Your Career

In this episode I am interviewing Dr. Rochelle Parks-Yancy.  Dr. Parks-Yancy is an Associate Professor of Management at the Jesse H. Jones School of Business at Texas Southern University where she teaches students from undergraduates to Executive MBAs on a variety of topics related to human resources and professional development. She is also an author of two books, Are You Making the Right Impression: Preparing Now for Your Real Life After College and Equal Work, Unequal Careers: African-Americans in the Workforce, and she also consults clients on a variety of human resources-related topics.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How you should prepare for interviews taking place online/over Skype
  • How to leverage our networks, especially on LinkedIn
  • Why it's a mistake to blindly apply for jobs
  • Why you should apply for jobs you don't think you're qualified for
  • What mistakes people make in career management
  • How to take control of your performance review process
  • Her 7-step salary negotiations approach
  • What she calls the “lies” of college
  • Career search tips for college seniors and recent college grads



“There is never an excuse for not being prepared or being underprepared.”

“When they're looking, their natural instinct is to go to the impersonal…You need to start with the personal because over 80% of jobs are found through people you know.”

“Many jobs are never advertised. You have to know someone for you to even know that the job is even available…Even if a job is advertised…it's already known who is going to get it.”

“What you do and what you accomplish are two different things.”

“You have to be your own best career architect.”

“They believed that all you needed was a degree and career utopia happens. And THAT is a lie.”

Rochelle Parks Yancy Quote

Dr. Parks-Yancy's Bio

Dr. Rochelle Parks-Yancy is Associate Professor of Management at the Jesse H. Jones School of Business at Texas Southern University. Her PhD is from Rutgers University.

She is published in The Online Journal of Distance Education & e-Learning, Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Journal of Behavioral and Applied Management, Journal of College Student Development, Annual Review of Sociology, Foreign Service Journal, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Sociological Spectrum, Sociological Imagination, Management Communication Quarterly, Michigan Sociological Review, Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Journal of Mental Health, Religion and Culture, Critical Sociology and in Research in the Sociology of Work: Diversity in the Workforce.

Dr. Parks-Yancy provides consulting services in the following areas: 1. Career Management; Job Search strategies; 2. Salary Negotiation; 3. Recruitment and Hiring Processes; 4. LinkedIn Page Improvement; 5. Managing Downsizing

She was awarded a Fulbright grant to Armenia in 2010. She taught graduate students at American University of Armenia, studied Armenian job search practices and trained managers at Gold's Gym, Inc.

She has published two books: Are You Making the Right Impression: Preparing Now for Your Real Life After College (also available here) and Equal Work, Unequal Careers: African-Americans in the Workforce.

The Final 5

  1. If I asked 10 people who know Dr. Parks-Yancy to describe her using three words, they would say: outgoing, organized and encouraging.
  2. What she thinks makes a great leader: encouraging big thinking, being a hands-off leader (but scheduling regular meetings regarding their progress) and holding people accountable to their deadlines and actions.
  3. How she stays “sharp” and up-to-date on industry trends: she reads updates from the Society of Human Resource Management, Reuters, Bloomberg, as well as popular press like TMZ, tech news, Yahoo!, ESPN, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
  4. How she manages her life, family and career: She is very organized, doesn't overextend herself with things that she has no interest in (including being willing to say “no”) and has an extremely supportive spouse. She also believes that taking care of yourself physically is just as important as taking care of yourself mentally.
  5. Her favorite “power outfit” consists of: minimal jewelry, an Oxford pale pink shirt that is a body suit shirt, a black skirt suit that is tailored to fit, nude hose, and 5″ heels (she never wears flats except for sneakers when working out).

Bonus: how you can connect with Dr. Parks-Yancy:


  • Rochelle / 25 July 2016 8:46

    Thank you so much, Kailei! Dr. Rochelle Parks-Yancy

    • Kailei Carr / 10 August 2016 9:12

      My pleasure!

  • Michelle / 8 August 2016 7:00

    Thank you so much for your podcast. The information was real and honest. “Career Utopia does not happen.” TRUTH! So many college graduates struggle with this idea. After they graduate they think a career is to fall into their laps and that just does not happen. You build a career it doesn’t just happen. You are a high energy woman and I wish I could just be a fly on the wall in one of your classrooms (my field is in educational leadership). But I will definitely grab your books!