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Episode 110: Season 2 Announcement

Episode 110: Season 2 Announcement

As you may know from our last episode in June, Beyond the Business Suit has been on a summer hiatus. Now that fall is upon us, we are coming back with our next season. Although “season 1” consisted of 109 episodes over almost three years, we plan to have much shorter seasons in the future starting this coming week. Season 2 of Beyond the Business Suit kicks off on Thursday, October 5th! And if you don't already subscribe, make sure you do so you don't miss it when it releases.

Along with some great interviews, season 2 is also going to have something new: career questions from you. So whether you are struggling with something at work, trying to figure out your next move, or are wanting to learn how to elevate your presence, let me know! Send an email at kailei@kaileicarr.com with the subject line “Beyond the Business Suit Question.” Let us know if you would like to be anonymous. And if I can't answer it, I will bring in someone who can!

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