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Episode 15: Farnoosh Torabi Tells Us What Happens ‘When She Makes More’

Episode 15: Farnoosh Torabi Tells Us What Happens ‘When She Makes More’

In this episode I interviewed best selling author, personal finance expert and host of the new podcast So Money, Farnoosh Torabi. You are definitely in for a treat!

During our conversation, Farnoosh and I have a candid conversation about:

  • Some of the cultural influences and challenges many of us have about money.
  • The unwelcome consequences in marriages when women make more than their husbands.
  • How Farnoosh and her husband handle the dynamics of her making more.
  • A great philosophy about money that she learned from a guest on her podcast that she has started to adopt.

And much, more!

Here's some background on Farnoosh:

Farnoosh Torabi is a personal finance expert, bestselling author, TV personality, and sought-after speaker.  She just launched a daily podcast called So Money, interviews with entrepreneurs, authors and financial luminaries. Her mission is to help people take control of their finances so they can live their richest, happiest lives. She has personally coached a wide range of audiences, from college students, to couples, to executives at Fortune 500 firms.

Farnoosh is a contributing editor at Money Magazine and frequent contributor to DailyWorth, Yahoo! and The Today Show. The New York Times calls her advice, “perfectly practical.” Her latest book is an Amazon #1 Best Seller and is entitled When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women.  Learn more about Farnoosh at www.farnoosh.tv.

Some of Farnoosh's Books:

 The Final 10 (some questions to get to know Farnoosh a little bit better):

  1. Farnoosh's first job: Working at Ruby's Diner in Lower Marion, Pennsylvania
  2. Farnoosh's personal secret weapons of success: She works really hard and smart. She learns how to prioritize and outsources the rest. She's also good at and enjoys helping people and giving advice.
  3. 3 words Farnoosh uses to describe her personal brand: Authentic, hard working, and though she takes her work seriously, she does not take herself too seriously.
  4. The best advice Farnoosh has ever received: When she was 19 years old and an intern at CNBC.com, she was timid about reaching out to some of the talent there who she admired. Her boss said to her, “Farnoosh, what do you have to lose? You sometimes have to put yourself out there. The worst they can say is ‘no.' Just do it!” And she did.
  5. What Farnoosh thinks makes a good leader: Someone who knows how to listen, is receptive to feedback, and is collaborative. A good leader doesn't have power over anyone but uses their power to help people.
  6. Farnoosh’s morning routine: She's a new mom, so it's hard to have a routine. But her 7-month old usually wakes up at 5 am, after which she gives him a bottle, then they'll both go back to sleep until 7am when she starts monitoring things online. After her nanny shows up she starts getting ready for her day.
  7. How Farnoosh manages her life, family and career: She believes in work/life integration.  One way she's done that has been by creating her podcast So Money.
  8. What Farnoosh does to stay sharp: She listens to other podcasts, reads books (she's currently reading Launch), listens to her podcast, reads a lot online including NYTimes.com and TheAtlantic.com.
  9. Some of Farnoosh’s favorite things: Downton Abbey, Moscow Mules and getting her hair blown out.
  10. How you can connect with Farnoosh: SoMoneyPodcast.com, Twitter: @farnoosh, Facebook/FarnooshTorabiFarnoosh.tv.

 Listen to the episode now below now: