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Episode 32: Masi Willis Shares Her 100+ Pound Weight Loss Journey

Episode 32: Masi Willis Shares Her 100+ Pound Weight Loss Journey

In this episode of the Beyond the Business Suit podcast, I interview Masi Willis. Masi is an experienced creator at a Brand Strategy firm in Atlanta who started her career as a State Farm insurance agent. She shares with us not only her career journey but also her journey to losing over 100 pounds. This transformation brought with it many changes and challenges, not only physical, but also emotional. In this candid interview Masi candidly shares what she learned, as well as the advice she has for other women going through what she went through.

I feel like Masi and I had just gotten into the the good stuff when we had to wrap up. So, if you have any questions that you want Masi to answer, leave a comment below (or, if you're listening on iTunes or Stitcher, go to kaileicarr.com/episode32). She'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Masi's “Final 5” (the 5 questions we ask all of our guests to get to know them better):

1. Masi's secret weapon of success: her love of people and getting to know them exactly where they are.

2. How people who know Masi would describe her: a “deep well,” gregarious, fun-loving, passionate, adventuresome.

3. Masi doesn't have a morning or night time “routine,” but she always has coffee and prays in the mornings.

4. How Masi manages her life, career and relationships: being self aware is one approach she takes. Masi mentioned Andy Stanley's Choosing to Cheat where she learned how to establish boundaries around her relationships and priorities.

5. Her “Power Outfit”: When Masi wants to feel confident she puts on a pair of heels and suits up in a skirt to show her greatest asset: her legs.

How you can connect with Masi:

Email: masiwillis@me.com

Instagram: @masiwillis

Facebook: Facebook.com/MasiWillis

Twitter: @masiwillis

Again, feel free to leave comments or questions for Masi!