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Is it Time for You to Take a Big Leap?

Is it Time for You to Take a Big Leap?

It's Leap Day! Every four years we get this extra day for the year.

What will you do with this extra 24 hours?

Why not take this time to make a big leap?

To give you some inspiration, here are 10 episodes of Beyond the Business Suit featuring people who have made big leaps through leaving their corporate career to start a new business, deciding to lose weight, making a shift in their business, reinventing themselves and more. Regardless of the “big leap” you need to make that's outside of your comfort zone, I'm sure there is something here that will inspire you:

  1. Episode 50: Toria Frederick (from corporate brand strategist to entrepreneur)
  2. Episode 27: How I reinvented my career
  3. Episode 21: Francine Parham (from corporate to entrepreneurship)
  4. Episode 56: Dolores DeGiacomo (from corporate to entrepreneurship)
  5. Episode 2: Laura Bronner (from corporate to entrepreneur)
  6. Episode 6: Stacey Ferguson (from attorney to blogging event empire)
  7. Episode 17: Candice S. Cook (from firm attorney to practice owner)
  8. Episode 53: Amanda Miller Littlejohn (from PR maven to personal branding guru)
  9. Episode 22: Ekene Onu (from pharmacist to reinventing herself from her body to her career)
  10. Episode 32: Masi Willis (from 100+ pounds heavier to 100+ pounds lighter)

So, what big leap will you make today?

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