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Episode 27: How I Reinvented My Career

Episode 27: How I Reinvented My Career

In today's episode, I wanted to share a story and answer a question that I receive a lot and that is, how I reinvented my career and essentially rebranded myself.

Listen to this episode and you will learn:

– What led me to transitioning from being a Marketing exec to business owner.

– The 7 steps I took to reinvent my career.

– This quotable and more:


Lean Back, Propel Forward

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Here are the 7 steps I took to reinvent my career:

  1. I leaned back.
  2. I did the work to figure out my best gifts and experiences to build a business around.
  3. I found out how other people perceived me.
  4. I defined how I wanted my personal brand to be perceived.
  5. I decided what platforms would be most appropriate for me to use to get my voice out there.
  6. I developed my visual assets and content based on how I wanted to be perceived.
  7. I launched!

Have you reinvented yourself? Tell me how you did it.


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