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Episode 50: Toria Frederick Talks About Inner Voices, Big Leaps and The Step Stool Chef

Episode 50: Toria Frederick Talks About Inner Voices, Big Leaps and The Step Stool Chef

This episode marks 50 episodes of Beyond the Business Suit! I'm so excited to reach this milestone and I want to thank you for continuing to listen to every episode. In this week's episode I had the opportunity to interview Toria Frederick. Not only is Toria my friend and accountability partner, she also is a brilliant marketer and the founder of an amazing new company called The Step Stool Chef which empowers kids to be the chefs in the kitchen while the parents are sous chefs.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How listening to her intuition, setting her intentions and walking out on faith helped Toria make the decision to leave her big corporate job.
  • What happened in Toria's life that made her second guess her decision about leaving.
  • How to financially prepare yourself for making a big leap.
  • Toria's take on helicopter parents and free range parents.
  • How Toria and her son decided to co-found a business.
  • Much more!

Toria's Bio:

Toria Frederick is a dynamic Marketing Executive and Brand Strategist with proven success in driving growth for iconic brands. With over 15 years experience in brand building, business transformation and new ventures with Fortune 50 companies, Toria has championed transformational change for some of consumers’ most loved brands. Toria’s experiences ranges from working with powerhouse global companies including GE, Pepsico, and Samsung as well as non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Toria has built a reputation as a savvy and passionate communicator and thrives in an environment where she can share her contagious passion for developing big ideas that help others unleash their personal and professional potential. As the Managing Partner of Hatch Venture Group, she collaborates with organizations to develop strategic plans and innovative solutions to unlock new growth opportunities.

Toria has a MBA from the University of Michigan and BBA from Emory University and enjoys spending her time with her husband of 12 years and 2 beautiful children, ages 7 and 2.

The Final Five:

1. Toria's secret weapons of success: listening to and trusting her intuition, surrounding herself with smart people who she trusts, being unapologetic about and giving herself permission to be happy.

2. If we were to ask 10 people who know Toria to describe her, they would say: determined, passionate and about her business (I also added in centered).

3. Toria's morning and night time routine: she doesn't have a special morning routine but she takes many principles that others incorporate in their morning routine (like meditation) and do those throughout the day. Her nighttime routine involves bedtime stories and brushing teeth with her kids and then starting work again late at night.

4. How Toria manages her life, family, relationships and career: She created a business that could integrate her family and lifestyle.

5. Toria's “power look” is “classic with a twist.” She loves to put on a classic dress, suit or pant outfit with some fly shoes or a signature necklace. This allows her to show that she can be traditional but she has a little something on the other end.

Keep in touch with Toria:

Website for The Stepstool Chef 

The Step Stool Chef Academy

Here's a cute picture of Toria and her son and business partner, Julian:



The Step Stool Chef's Facebook Page

Instagram: @stepstoolchef

Twitter: @stepstoolchef

Toria on LinkedIn