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Episode 42: The 8 P’s of Personal Branding [Part 2]

Episode 42: The 8 P’s of Personal Branding [Part 2]

Last week's episode of Beyond the Business Suit tackled the first part of the 8 P's of Personal Branding, which was based on an article I wrote back in December under the same name. So in this episode we are going to cover part 2: the last 4 P's. Below are the P's, though listen to the episode for the full details.

Packaging: What does your outward appearance say about you? How should someone with the attributes you have and the value you bring be dressed, groomed, styled, etc.?

Positioning: Where are you positioned in the minds of people who know you? Where are you positioned in relation to your peers and/or others with similar attributes? When you’re not around, what do people say about you? When you are introduced to someone how are you described?

People: Who is in your network? Who is in your inner and outer circle? Who are your mentors and sponsors? What relationships are you building? If you had the opportunity to build an “A Team,” do you have the right people in your network who you can call?

Presence: When you walk into a room, what do people think before you speak one word? How do you carry yourself? What do your posture, facial expressions and body language communicate? What does your digital presence and footprint communicate to the world?

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