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Episode 41: The 8 P’s of Personal Branding [Part 1]

Episode 41: The 8 P’s of Personal Branding [Part 1]

First of all, I want to give a big THANK YOU  to all of you who have been listening to and supporting Beyond the Business Suit over the past year. This week marked the 1 year mark for Beyond the Business Suit and I am so proud of the show and thankful for all of you who listen to each episode.

Last year I wrote a popular article calledThe 8 P's of Personal Branding.” I realized that I have not done a podcast episode on this framework and thought it would be a good idea to do so — especially in this time of year. September is a time for new beginnings in my mind — probably has something to do with the beginning of the school year and feeling like it's time for a refresh. That being said, I hope you take the time to answer these questions for yourself and become intentional about developing your personal brand. Here's part 1 of the 8 P's of personal branding (listen to the episode for the details). Next week we'll tackle part 2.

Product: What are your attributes? What are your values? What are your unique gifts? What skills, education and experiences do you have? How would you describe your authentic self? All of these components comprise what you're offering to the world, your “product.”

Place: What industry do you work in? What function do you serve? What organization do you work for? In what geographical area do you live?

Price: Based on what promise you can deliver on, what can you charge for your offerings (salary, rate)? What does the market demand? What is the market’s willingness to pay for your attributes, experiences and services?

Promotion: How are you promoting your skills and expertise? Are your social media profiles effectively communicating your background, expertise and value you bring?

Watch out for part 2 next week!