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16+ Podcast Episodes to Get You Ready for 2016

16+ Podcast Episodes to Get You Ready for 2016

As we enter into 2016 I want to equip you to be able to take the year by storm! Here are over 16 Beyond the Business Suit episodes that can help you get to want (and deserve) in the new year:

  1. If you're looking to get your work style in order, check out episode 26, episode 19 and episode 47.
  2. Do you need to better define your personal brand? Check out episode 13 (with bonuses in episode 41 and episode 42).
  3. Do you need to get more intentional with your morning routine? Check out episode 12 where I interview the author of The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod.
  4. Are you looking to invest your dollars in 2016? Listen to episode 4 with Charisse Conanan Johnson who helps us demystify investing.
  5. Do you make more than your husband or partner? Check out what personal finance expert, best selling author and award winning podcast host Farnoosh Torabi has to say about what happens “When She Makes More” in episode 15.
  6. Are you looking to reinvent your career? Check out some women who have done it in episode 17, episode 22, episode 50 and episode 6 featuring Candice Cook, Ekene Onu, Toria Frederick and Stacey Ferguson.
  7. Do you need to boost your confidence? Check out episodes 33 with author of The Confidence Factor for Women, Carol Sankar.
  8. Do you need some career mentors or sponsors? Check out episodes 43 and episode 44 which will help you with your professional relationships, episode 21 with Francine Parham helping you maximize your professional network and episode 11 with Keesha Boyd who was able to conquer this herself.
  9. Do you need to refine your public speaking skills? Check out episode 52 with Amber Wright.
  10. Do you need to gain some clarity on what your gifts are or learn how to “package your genius?” Listen to episode 53 with Amanda Miller Littlejohn.
  11. Are you looking to transform your body and take control of your health? Listen to episode 22 with Ekene Onu (also mentioned as a career transformation) and episode 32 with Masi Willis.
  12. Do you need to know how to get out of a rut when you've let yourself go? Check out episode 48.
  13. Do you need to get your goals back on track? Check out episode 30: 6 Steps to getting your goals back on track.
  14. If you need to get your LinkedIn profile in order, check out episode 9.
  15. If it's time for you to clean out your closet, check out episode 23 (even though it's talking about “spring” cleaning, this can be done any time of year).
  16. Are you looking to get a new job or car? Check out episode 14 where my dad (a master negotiator) teaches us some great negotiation tips and tricks.

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