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Episode 44: How to Position Yourself Well to Attract Sponsors

Episode 44: How to Position Yourself Well to Attract Sponsors

In last week's episode of Beyond the Business Suit we discussed part 1 of the “Building Your Professional Network” series which was about the Dos and Don'ts of Building Mentor Relationships. In this week's episode we tackle part 2 of the series which is how to position yourself well to attract sponsors.

Before we jump in, I wanted to share what a sponsor is in case you are not familiar with the term. A sponsor is someone who is a champion or advocate for you and who is has the power to directly influence you elevating your career.Though many people think about a sponsor as being someone within your organization, that is not always the case. A sponsor may be someone with hiring power to bring you into another organization. A sponsor may also be someone who has decision making power and budget oversight to give you business if you're a business owner. Whereas a mentor is someone who can give you advice and counsel on a formal or informal basis, you may or may not know a sponsor. For instance, I've had sponsors recommend me for promotion or job opportunities without my knowledge since often times we are not in the room when sponsors are doing what they do.

So you may ask yourself, “how can I build a relationship with a sponsor if I don't know who they are?” That's a good question to ask, and here are three things you can do to position yourself well to attract sponsors:

  1. Doing great work.
  2. Develop relationships with influential people.
  3.  Build a strong personal brand.

Listen to the episode for all of the details related to these three tips.

I wanted to thank all of my working mom listeners/readers who gave me some great recommendations for your favorite maternity brands and stores on the Kailei Carr Facebook page! I can't wait to explore all of them!

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