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Episode 45: The Four Key Elements of Power Presence

Episode 45: The Four Key Elements of Power Presence

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit we're going to talk about the four elements of Power Presence. Having power presence is important because it impacts not only how others perceive us, but also our reputation and ultimately how likely we are to get job referrals and career/business opportunities from others.

Here are the four key elements of Power Presence (listen to the episode for the full details):

1) Communication: How we communicate verbally, vocally and non-verbally.

2) Confidence: Confidence matters just as much as (if not more than) competence.

3) Image: Your appearance and wardrobe and how that impacts how we are perceived.
4) Digital Presence: How you “show up” online.
*Bonus*: Your Professional Network
Also mentioned in this episode:
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