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Episode 43: Dos and Don’ts for Building Mentor Relationships

Episode 43: Dos and Don’ts for Building Mentor Relationships

In this episode of Beyond the Business Suit, we're covering part 1 of a 2 part series about building your professional network. In this episode we'll be tackling mentor relationships and in our next episode we'll be discussing sponsor relationships.

Here are the 4 Dos and Don'ts when building mentor relationships (listen to the episode for the full details):

  1. Do develop a mentor set (you don't want just one mentor). Like Keesha Boyd taught us in episode #11, we should have four types of mentors:
    • A peer
    • A coach
    • A proven navigator with a similar style
    • A straight shooter
  2. Don't ask someone, “Can you be my mentor?”
  3. Do start by building an authentic relationship.
  4. Do make sure there is some give and take in the relationship. Make sure the relationship is not only one sided.

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