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Episode 91: Ekene Onu | Refresh Your Life [Rebroadcast]

Episode 91: Ekene Onu | Refresh Your Life [Rebroadcast]

As we're gearing up for the new year, I'm sharing some of my favorite episodes of Beyond the Business Suit that are no longer available on iTunes. This one is episode 22 which was my interview with Ekene Onu. I met Ekene at the Be Blogalicious Weekend in 2014. We were both speaking at the event and I was drawn to her energy, brilliance and centeredness. I knew I had to have her on the show. She shares so much wisdom in this episode and I knew it would be perfect to listen to this time of year.

A bit about Ekene:

Here’s a little bit of background on Ekene: she is THE  person to help women go from stuck to fabulous, and one of the reasons why is because of her own story. She considers herself a case study in reinvention, as she took herself from spending over 15 years as a pharmacist to now a reinvention consultant and strategist and founder of Refresh: A place for holistic feminine leadership. Ekene’s story is one about faith, determination,  following your intuition and also of one of her guiding principles which is “radical self care.” She is a great story teller and I know you will learn a lot from this episode.

Some of the things you will learn in this episode:

  • How Ekene lost 90 pounds
  • How she transitioned from being a pharmacist to a coach
  • The FIT acronym to help you get started in taking risks and follow your passions

Ekene's next cohort of her Operation WOW mastermind starts in January but registration closes on December 16th. You can learn more here: refreshforlife.com/operationwow.

You can read more about Ekene, including her full bio, more notes from the episode and more on the notes from the original post for this episode

The Final Five:

1. Ekene’s “secret weapons of success”: Prayer, exercise, not being afraid to fail.

2. If we were to ask 10 people who know her to describe her, here’s what they would say about her: She’s fearless, vibrant, refreshing, unexpected, and a great conversationalist.

3. Ekene’s morning routine: Prayer, scripture reading, social media and exercise. Her night time routine: prayer, reading and visualizing.

Ekene mentioned these books:

The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

4. How Ekene manages her life, family, relationships and career: she forgives herself as a mother and a spouse, because it’s going to be imperfect and that’s okay. She also lets go of expectations of what it should be and embraces what it is. Her family focuses on quality over quantity. Positive shared experiences create incredible bonding.

5. Three of Ekene’s favorite things: Golden pecan bread from the Dekalb Farmers Market near Atlanta, travel and bath products.

How you can connect with Ekene:

Facebook: Refresh Leadership Circle

Instagram: @refreshwithekene

Twitter: @ekeneonline

Website: www.refreshwithekene.com

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