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Episode 122: Toria Frederick on How to Prepare Your Business for Growth in 2018

Episode 122: Toria Frederick on How to Prepare Your Business for Growth in 2018

This episode of Beyond the Business Suit is a special one since I'm bringing back the first repeat guest as this last one of 2017. And that person is Toria Frederick. Toria joined us back in episode 50 where she talked about how she made the big leap from corporate America to entrepreneurship. And today she's sharing some insights to those of you who are entrepreneurs or even “wantrepreneurs” based on everything she's learned from working with multi-billion dollar brands.

Mentioned in this episode

  • The January Morning Routine Challenge through my Goal Crushers private Facebook Group. You can join the challenge and the group at kaileicarr.com/goalcrushers.
  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (you can listen to my episode with Hal here)
  • What business owners should be thinking about now to prepare them for the most growth potential in 2018.
  • Why Toria decided to expand her client base from large corporations to also include small businesses.
  • 3 critical things entrepreneurs need to do:
    • Spend the time necessary thinking about their business and determining what business they're in.
    • Understand who their customers are and who their most valuable customers/consumers are.
    • Understand what their growth priorities are.
  • Toria's other business, The Step Stool Chef


Toria's Bio

Toria Frederick is a dynamic Marketing Executive and Brand Strategist with proven success in driving growth for iconic brands. With over 15 years experience in brand building, business transformation and new ventures with Fortune 50 companies, Toria has championed transformational change for some of consumers’ most loved brands. Toria’s experiences ranges from working with powerhouse global companies including GE, Pepsico, and Samsung as well as non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Toria has built a reputation as a savvy and passionate communicator and thrives in an environment where she can share her contagious passion for developing big ideas that help others unleash their personal and professional potential. As the Managing Partner of Hatch Venture Group, she collaborates with organizations to develop strategic plans and innovative solutions to unlock new growth opportunities.

Toria has a MBA from the University of Michigan and BBA from Emory University and enjoys spending her time with her husband of 14 years and two beautiful children.


“What I found is that as much of it is a strategic planning exercise, it's also a mind shift exercise.”

“What is the best way to grow my business? What is the best way to serve my consumers?”

“Busy doesn't always mean progress.”

The Final Five

  1. Toria's first job ever: A cashier at Hardees was her first “official” job, but when she was 9-10 she sold “honey drippers” to kids in her neighborhood.
  2. If she could brunch with three people, dead or alive, she would choose: Three people who have passed over the past couple of years: her grandmother, her father and her brother-in-law.
  3. One book that has had a significant impact on her life personally or professionally: The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
  4. One thing in her career that she wishes she could get a “do over” for: Early in her career she was working for GE and forgot to get a quote for someone doing work on a large project and was charged 4 times what they had budgeted for. She felt like she was so caught up in doing everything the right way that she made a significant error. Needless to say, she learned from that mistake and the beating she gave herself was much worse than anything she heard or felt from the company.
  5. Some of the elements of Toria's personal power: An ability to stay connected to her inner truth about what she's here to do. She tries to take her ego out of it and stay connected to who she is and whose she is so that she can fulfill her higher purpose. 

How you can connect with Toria:

website: www.hatchventuregroup.com

email: tfrederick@hatchventuregroup.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toriafrederick/

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