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Episode 18: How to Make Sure Your Headshots Look Great

Episode 18: How to Make Sure Your Headshots Look Great

A few months ago I got new portraits taken including some that I can use as new headshots. It had been four years and it was past time. During the process I realized quite a few things that I'm glad I did and others that wished I would have thought of before hand, so in this episode I wanted to share some of what I learned to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made the next time you get headshots taken. Though most of the tips are important for men and women, a couple are particularly for the ladies. Here are the tips covered in the show. Listen to the entire episode below for more details for each  of the tips.

8 Tips on Taking Great Looking Headshots:

1. Find a professional photographer

2. Determine what you want to use the photos for.

3. Define your brand attributes. (Remember them from episode 13?)

4. Brief your photographer.

5. Pick the right outfit.

6. Practice your smile, stance, poses, etc.

7. Wear right amount of makeup. My favorite foundation for photos is Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation (I wear color 173).

8. Don't forget your hair!

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