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For Those Who Are Missing Loved Ones During the Holidays

For Those Who Are Missing Loved Ones During the Holidays

If you've lost someone closest to you, you know how difficult the holidays can be. I know I personally feel the void of not having my mom here during the holidays. And even more so at Christmastime since, let me tell you, NOBODY Christmas-ed like my mom.
True story: I would dread helping my mom put up the Christmas decorations every year because she had bags and bags and bags of Christmas ornaments, gingerbread houses, Santa Clauses, elves, angels, lights and more to go around the house. Every centimeter of the tree was covered in ornaments including ones from when my brother and I were children. It was a several hour event and I would be exhausted afterward! But she would absolutely love it and got so much joy out of it. So needless to say, when I think about this time of year and the joy she would feel to see my daughter's first Christmas, I feel the loss.
So if you, or someone you know, have lost a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a child or any loved one, please check out or share these resources:

Wishing you and your family the best and the most comfort this holiday season.



  • Roxanne / 22 December 2016 11:28

    Thanks for this. Will share with a friend who just loss his mother. You look great! Miss having you in NYC.

    • Kailei Carr / 22 December 2016 11:29

      Thanks so much, Roxanne. And I miss you too! I hope all is well with you!

  • Alexis / 22 December 2016 12:30

    All hope helps. I’ll definitely share!

    Love always,


    • Kailei Carr / 22 December 2016 1:03

      Thanks so much, Alexis. Love you too!

  • Shannon / 22 December 2016 10:41

    Thanks Kailei! I miss her as well. I hope and pray you, Justin and baby girl have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

    • Kailei Carr / 23 December 2016 11:06

      Thanks so much, Shannon! Wishing you and your daughter a wonderful Christmas as well!